Some extra cash other than what you usually earn isn’t too harmful; especially not when you won’t have to walk for miles or wander under the scorching heat of the sun. You will have your laptop in front of you; you will have uncanny access to different businesses through the internet- so, earning some extra bucks won’t be too difficult for you.

extra cash

Yes, you actually have some readymade things in your hand like writing blogs, starting up your own online business, going for professional photography and so on. However, these things not only take some investments but also require time. And being busy in your own life, you neither have enough money to invest in them nor time to spend.

So, why don’t you choose for something that will take less time but will give you instant cash?

Wouldn’t it be feasible enough for you?

Obviously, it will and that’s why here are some of the best ways in which you can earn the money easily!

  1. Filling out of online surveys

The online survey sites will help you in one of the best possible ways, especially if you are a student or sitting idle at your home. All you have to do is to sign up for free in some legitimate sites and perform an online survey. Get the database forms filled up by the online audience and keep a track record of the same. When you will submit those forms, you will be paid accordingly.

  1. Start a delivery business

If you have your own car, utilize it to get money instantly. In fact, you can even start a business using the transport. All you need is to understand what the people of your locality and the surrounding localities need. You can help them with those things by delivering their required services at their doorstep. For example, most people in your community take home deliveries of flower bouquets and gifts. You can start your own delivery service and you will get the payment instantly.

  1. Sell your unused items

Many times, you have a lot of things unused in your home. They are nothing but becoming scraps and using them is your next best option to earn some extra cash. Sell those items on some online site like the OLX or the eBay and you will get the cash within a few days of your post.

  1. Choose to crowdsource

Freelancing or crowdsourcing is another way to earn money fast. You can do your favorite work on a freelancing basis where you will be paid instantly once you submit the work or weekly. The payment terms vary, but nevertheless, many people are now engaged in this freelancing job and they are earning thousands of bucks.

  1. Give your opinions and get paid

Many firms or companies hire people online and pay them in return of their opinion. For example, you will be giving some positive opinion for a brand or a product and in return, you will be paid. However, the income is not high but you will definitely have some extra notes in your purse.


Are you looking to have signs made for your gigs at Brompton’s Cocktail? Then look no further because Signs Calgary is here for you! I am Sid from Speed Pro Calgary and we are partnering with Brompton’s Cocktail to give you a discount when you order a gig sign from us for use in the bar!

But what do you need to have a sign made? Before you request for a sign, you need to understand how you want your gig sign will look like first. If you’re at lost, it’s best to consult with a designer first, but here are some pointers to help you with this:

  • Choose the color that best represents your band, what genre you perform and the typical song you write and sing.
  • Use a unique font or perhaps a custom type – a font that is made just for your band name. It should be a custom font type that will help convey your band’s message such as your band name, genre, songs, etc.
  • Your design and logo should perfectly blend together – you should make sure that your design aligns with your band’s genre and the songs you make.

The pointers above are not the most comprehensive but they should be enough to help you snowball your way to your ultimate gig sign design idea.

A VIntage-style Gig Sign

Now that you have an idea of how you want your gig sign to look like, you can now submit it to speed pro Calgary.

Here is a general overview of the step by step processing of getting a sign made for gigs:

  1. Submit your ideas, including your band logo and tell the signage company what kind of band you are – this will help their designers to create a concept.
  2. Concept presentation – they will present the concept that they come up with you and together, you will discuss it with them. Your feedback will be highly regarded and you’ll be the one who will decide which goes where and how something is displayed as well as other things like the colors.
  3. Discussion – the team will discuss your suggestions and present a new concept, incorporating their ideas and your ideas together, in this stage, you will be discussing how the final product will look like – together you and the signage company will finalize the design.
  4. Drafting the design – this is where the signage company’s work begins, they will show you a rough draft so you can suggest changes and improvements.
  5. Creating and presenting the final design – this will be almost always be presented in a digital format. This will enable the company can edit, add, or alter small details if necessary. Of course, you will be discussing the design such as if there are things that still need to be adjusted. Once everything is approved, the company will create the design and have it displayed on the day of your gig!

Of course, if you can always contact your chosen signage company if you have any other questions. If you chose Speed Pro Calgary, you can always contact us via our website.


The music industry had gone through some pretty significant changes in the last two decades. Back in a time not so long ago, the music you listened to was very much tied to a particular place. Think of Grunge music forming under the rainy skies of Seattle in the early nineties before taking over the world. Local bands would get together and play in the same venues until popularity caught on. Record labels would take notice and launch the new bands worldwide creating a very special feel for those cities where it all started.

Nowadays though things have changed, which has begun to worry some people that the live music scene may be disappearing. DJ’s are taking a lot of flak for this turn whose popularity and numbers have skyrocketed in the last twenty years thanks to changes in the way music is made. To blame DJ’s entirely though for this change is to miss the point. The internet has been the main reason for this along with the affordability of computers and home recording equipment.

Back in those earlier days, if you wanted to find new music, you were very much dependent on the local live scene. People traded bootleg copies of early demos and went to see new bands perform live if they wanted anything new. Fast forward to today and now the internet had changed a lot of the ways we listen to music and find new artists. This has been great news for a lot of new artists; they no longer have to rely on record labels to get their work to a larger audience. It also means musicians are no longer tied to a physical place, they exist in cyberspace to a global audience.

DJ’s have benefited the most from this change. A DJ has full control over how their music sounds, can easily get it out through social media and blogs along with the added benefit that they don’t need to split their profits with other band members or a record label.

All this taken into account though there may not be too much cause for alarm. Every art evolves over time and the internet has certainly brought a greater deal of good than bad for music as an art. DJ’s may be benefitting the most from the changes but it’s a bit much to blame them for the loss of live band performances.

Either way, nothing still beats the vibe of a live performance. Musicians may be able to record and distribute their own music but playing live gigs is still an important part of gaining popularity and connecting with their fans. Great live music can still be found across the world even if our reasons for seeing it may have changed. People still want to see live music, we still look to people for new ideas and music suggestions. Many DJ’s still operate in their own home areas, DJ Krista is one who loves being a part of the local scene in Vancouver. Perhaps it will take another 20 years to see the full effects of these changes but recognising them may allow us to guide the process a bit.


Your band is probably ready to step up. In order to make it through the music scene successfully, you must draw more audience. How? Not only by playing live, but also by going on a tour. It is a marketing strategy most bands do. You can start on a small scale, then work from there. I assure you, it will be worth it.
A road trip with all the members of the band, including the four legged one, will be such a lifetime experience. It is a clever thing to do bring your band dog with you, he will definitely draw more crowd, especially the ladies. Dogs has a charm, people find very irresistible. But, be aware of the essentials of touring with a furry member. You must take care of them properly. To assist you with that, read on.

Check Up
Before going on tour, you must bring your best friend for a doggy visit to the vet for a full check up. Besides making sure that he is healthy for the road trip, you should also be certain that he has the necessary vaccines, like anti rabies. This will not only protect your dog, but it will safeguard the whole band members and the crowd who will be mingling with your mascot.

Important Documents
Some state you will be touring in will ask for documents pertaining to your dog. It is a protocol some places do to ascertain the community’s safety. So for a hassle free tour, do not forget this essential files.

ID Tag
An ID tag attached to your dog collar is very salient in case he wanders off and get lost. The tag should contain his name, the band info like address and phone number. This will allow a good hearted person to know the essential information how to reconcile the dog to his owners.

Dog Carrier and Harness or Leash
Although you want your dog to be sitting beside the band during the tour, it will be safe for him to be in a dog carrier. Get one that is sturdy and comfortable enough for him. The size should be big enough to keep him secure and comfy. Same with the harness, actually, a harness is much preferred than a collar. It is much easier for it to be attached and removed. As for the leash, it should be not too short too long. It should be good enough to keep your dog close to you, especially during dog walking.

Dog Essentials
Dog essentials include his water and food container, bed or blanket and chew toys. Dogs can sometimes be stressed when they are in a different environment. The familiar scent on his bed or blanket will make him feel more homy and the chew toys will be a way for them to release tension and stress.

First Aid Kit
Accidents do happen and like the human members of the band will be needing first aid during this untoward incidence, dogs too need immediate attention. So make sure you have a complete first aid kit on hand during the whole tour.

A band tour will be such a wonderful experience on the road to stardom. And if your furry friend has always been part of the band, then they should be on tour with you, even though it entails quite a few things to consider when travelling with him. Break a leg!

Copyright Laws

Trademarking the Name of a Band

Most musicians think about copyrights. Without copyright protection, different musicians and music companies may assert your tunes as their own, procure profits from them, and even sue you if you play out your compositions. Many musicians don’t know that what a catastrophe can come upon a band that does not properly set up and protect trademark rights in the name it picks.

Band names and logos as trademarks

A trademark is any word, expression, image, sound or outline that is used in business to identify the wellspring of products or services. Music recordings are merchandise, and amusement is an administration, so a name that is used to identify the wellspring of a melody or the musicians who perform it is a trademark. For instance, the name, “Crushing Pumpkins” is a trademark that is used to identify a specific band’s sound recordings and musical exhibitions. It is additionally a trademark for posters and shirts showing that expression.

Copyright law does not protect names, titles or short expressions. Registering a copyright for a gathering of melodies with the band’s name on the cover may protect the band’s privileges of creation in the music. However it won’t protect the band’s name. For that, trademark registration is required.

Logos are a special case. If a logo is a unique work, then the fine art might be copyrighted. When it is used to identify a specific band, then it might likewise be protected as a trademark.

How trademark rights are made

Trademark rights are made by utilizing a name or image as a part of the connection with products or services to identify the wellspring of the merchandise or services. Only settling on a name for a band is insufficient, regardless of the possibility that the name is composed down on a bit of paper, saw, authenticated, and kept in a protected deposit box. Trademark rights appear just when the band steps of putting the name on a product, (for example, a CD, or an advanced recording that is made accessible for download on the Internet) or a promotion for the product, or openly performs or publicizes its diversion services under the name.

Trademark rights can appear without registration. As between two bands with the same name, the first to use the name in business to identify the wellspring of their musical products or services, (for example, appending the name to a CD that is offered available to be purchased, or utilizing the name as a part of a commercial or flyer for a concert execution by the band) will be the one with trademark rights.

Why registration is imperative

Since trademark rights are connected to first use, a few sites offer to protect a band’s name by essentially posting the name in a band name registry. While this can generate some confirmation of use, it is not determinative of the issue, and it is not adequate for trademark protection. Just registration with a state or government trademark office will set up an at first sight case or a legitimate presumption of trademark possession. Make sure you get  a good copyright lawyer

Registering your band name with the U.S. Trademark Office makes a solid presumption that you claim the trademark rights in that name. Subject to a few exemptions, it more often than not will be all the proof of possession you requirement for your safeguard if another band endeavors to sue you for utilizing a name that it cases is confusingly like theirs. And it will empower you to document suit, if vital, to prevent different bands from utilizing your name, or a name that is confusingly like your band’s name.

A lot is on the line. Being requested to quit utilizing a name is by all account, not the only thing that can happen to a man who is effectively sued for trademark encroachment. He may likewise be requested to annihilate or surrender any products that have the encroaching name attached to them; to eject any profits that have been made using the name, and to remunerate the trademark proprietor for harms. Sometimes, he may likewise be requested to pay reformatory harms and the trademark proprietor’s lawyer charges.

Live Music

Why Watching Live Bands Is Good

With the current advancing technology, watching or listening to music at the comfort of your home has been made easier and much affordable. For instance, you can listen to your mp3 collection at your couch or watch your favorite songs on YouTube. However, there are certain ways that all this technology just can’t match a real, live band that is performing right before your eyes on a stage. There are a number of things that make live bands really awesome.

1. You can interact with the band

It is always a nice feeling when you finally meet your favorite musicians and get to interact with them. When you are at a live show, the band is able to talk to you, yell at you as well as sing along with you. You become part of the show. You are not just listening but become part of the experience.

2. You appreciate the work put in

Music is not produced by a machine or a search engine. It is people that make the music and it usually takes lots of energy, devotion and commitment. If you seldom see live music, you can easily forget the amount of work that goes into that catchy melody, killer beat or sweet riff. Once you go to a show and get close enough to witness the passion, vitality and energy that goes into making that music, you will certainly walk away with a deeper appreciation for the musicians’ work.

3. It brings a sense of community

Even before the show starts, you can scan the audience and know that you are in the midst of kindred spirits. If you are a fan, you will feel that you are in a room of fellow fans. This helps in bringing unique experience that is shared with everyone there. Feeling part of a whole for a few hours brings a sense of community that can create friendships among the fans.

4. Support for the Artist

Artists have always found it hard to make a living, and it is particularly challenging now that most of the music is available for free online. Majority of the musicians often make more money by performing live than from their recordings. Therefore, if there is an artist that has impressed you with his work, one of the best ways to support him or her is to attend their concerts, particularly for independent artists who play in smaller venues.

Next time you want to take out a group, a live band venue may be the way to go. When the live band is on stage, you and your friends can just sit back, enjoy your drinks and wait for your group to be entertained. Once you get a taste of the live music experience, you will surely want to do it again.