Are you looking to have signs made for your gigs at Brompton’s Cocktail? Then look no further because Signs Calgary is here for you! I am Sid from Speed Pro Calgary and we are partnering with Brompton’s Cocktail to give you a discount when you order a gig sign from us for use in the bar!

But what do you need to have a sign made? Before you request for a sign, you need to understand how you want your gig sign will look like first. If you’re at lost, it’s best to consult with a designer first, but here are some pointers to help you with this:

  • Choose the color that best represents your band, what genre you perform and the typical song you write and sing.
  • Use a unique font or perhaps a custom type – a font that is made just for your band name. It should be a custom font type that will help convey your band’s message such as your band name, genre, songs, etc.
  • Your design and logo should perfectly blend together – you should make sure that your design aligns with your band’s genre and the songs you make.

The pointers above are not the most comprehensive but they should be enough to help you snowball your way to your ultimate gig sign design idea.

A VIntage-style Gig Sign

Now that you have an idea of how you want your gig sign to look like, you can now submit it to speed pro Calgary.

Here is a general overview of the step by step processing of getting a sign made for gigs:

  1. Submit your ideas, including your band logo and tell the signage company what kind of band you are – this will help their designers to create a concept.
  2. Concept presentation – they will present the concept that they come up with you and together, you will discuss it with them. Your feedback will be highly regarded and you’ll be the one who will decide which goes where and how something is displayed as well as other things like the colors.
  3. Discussion – the team will discuss your suggestions and present a new concept, incorporating their ideas and your ideas together, in this stage, you will be discussing how the final product will look like – together you and the signage company will finalize the design.
  4. Drafting the design – this is where the signage company’s work begins, they will show you a rough draft so you can suggest changes and improvements.
  5. Creating and presenting the final design – this will be almost always be presented in a digital format. This will enable the company can edit, add, or alter small details if necessary. Of course, you will be discussing the design such as if there are things that still need to be adjusted. Once everything is approved, the company will create the design and have it displayed on the day of your gig!

Of course, if you can always contact your chosen signage company if you have any other questions. If you chose Speed Pro Calgary, you can always contact us via our website.

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