Live Music

Why Watching Live Bands Is Good

With the current advancing technology, watching or listening to music at the comfort of your home has been made easier and much affordable. For instance, you can listen to your mp3 collection at your couch or watch your favorite songs on YouTube. However, there are certain ways that all this technology just can’t match a real, live band that is performing right before your eyes on a stage. There are a number of things that make live bands really awesome.

1. You can interact with the band

It is always a nice feeling when you finally meet your favorite musicians and get to interact with them. When you are at a live show, the band is able to talk to you, yell at you as well as sing along with you. You become part of the show. You are not just listening but become part of the experience.

2. You appreciate the work put in

Music is not produced by a machine or a search engine. It is people that make the music and it usually takes lots of energy, devotion and commitment. If you seldom see live music, you can easily forget the amount of work that goes into that catchy melody, killer beat or sweet riff. Once you go to a show and get close enough to witness the passion, vitality and energy that goes into making that music, you will certainly walk away with a deeper appreciation for the musicians’ work.

3. It brings a sense of community

Even before the show starts, you can scan the audience and know that you are in the midst of kindred spirits. If you are a fan, you will feel that you are in a room of fellow fans. This helps in bringing unique experience that is shared with everyone there. Feeling part of a whole for a few hours brings a sense of community that can create friendships among the fans.

4. Support for the Artist

Artists have always found it hard to make a living, and it is particularly challenging now that most of the music is available for free online. Majority of the musicians often make more money by performing live than from their recordings. Therefore, if there is an artist that has impressed you with his work, one of the best ways to support him or her is to attend their concerts, particularly for independent artists who play in smaller venues.

Next time you want to take out a group, a live band venue may be the way to go. When the live band is on stage, you and your friends can just sit back, enjoy your drinks and wait for your group to be entertained. Once you get a taste of the live music experience, you will surely want to do it again.

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