How to Take Care of Your Dog while on Tour

Your band is probably ready to step up. In order to make it through the music scene successfully, you must draw more audience. How? Not only by playing live, but also by going on a tour. It is a marketing strategy most bands do. You can start on a small scale, then work from there. I assure you, it will be worth it.
A road trip with all the members of the band, including the four legged one, will be such a lifetime experience. It is a clever thing to do bring your band dog with you, he will definitely draw more crowd, especially the ladies. Dogs has a charm, people find very irresistible. But, be aware of the essentials of touring with a furry member. You must take care of them properly. To assist you with that, read on.

Check Up
Before going on tour, you must bring your best friend for a doggy visit to the vet for a full check up. Besides making sure that he is healthy for the road trip, you should also be certain that he has the necessary vaccines, like anti rabies. This will not only protect your dog, but it will safeguard the whole band members and the crowd who will be mingling with your mascot.

Important Documents
Some state you will be touring in will ask for documents pertaining to your dog. It is a protocol some places do to ascertain the community’s safety. So for a hassle free tour, do not forget this essential files.

ID Tag
An ID tag attached to your dog collar is very salient in case he wanders off and get lost. The tag should contain his name, the band info like address and phone number. This will allow a good hearted person to know the essential information how to reconcile the dog to his owners.

Dog Carrier and Harness or Leash
Although you want your dog to be sitting beside the band during the tour, it will be safe for him to be in a dog carrier. Get one that is sturdy and comfortable enough for him. The size should be big enough to keep him secure and comfy. Same with the harness, actually, a harness is much preferred than a collar. It is much easier for it to be attached and removed. As for the leash, it should be not too short too long. It should be good enough to keep your dog close to you, especially during dog walking.

Dog Essentials
Dog essentials include his water and food container, bed or blanket and chew toys. Dogs can sometimes be stressed when they are in a different environment. The familiar scent on his bed or blanket will make him feel more homy and the chew toys will be a way for them to release tension and stress.

First Aid Kit
Accidents do happen and like the human members of the band will be needing first aid during this untoward incidence, dogs too need immediate attention. So make sure you have a complete first aid kit on hand during the whole tour.

A band tour will be such a wonderful experience on the road to stardom. And if your furry friend has always been part of the band, then they should be on tour with you, even though it entails quite a few things to consider when travelling with him. Break a leg!

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